faithful, all the same

I do not know your story,I barely know your name,yet I can say with certaintyyou were faithful all the same. you loved someone who left youonly a penny to your name,yet you found hope through darkness,you were faithful all the same. you fought the blows of strangers,they called you out by name,yet you spoke words […]

new beginnings

I have contemplated a lot about blogging again. Our world, well it feels so very divided, so very desperate, and so very depressed. There is a lot of noise going on outside: shouts of anger, tears of painful sadness, voices of confusion, and screaming thoughts of anxiety. These sounds, they ring loud and clear, and […]

superman’s not coming

To my dear darling future daughter(s), I’m desperately sorry that it has come down to this. It pains me to deliver a message that begins with nothing but death. The death of what may seem like life. But unless I share this with you sooner, it will only haunt you later, because you will have […]